Door is the first image when we back home to welcome families, and friends. It’s the soul to represent the householder. We create the finest design, technics to make all our clients' dreams come true. Each of your admiration is our proud.

We believe each encounter is destined, and giving serve with sense of professional integrity, care each customer as family. We care about your needs to build on the unique karma that brought us together.

In Tao Te Ching, the Taoist philosopher Lao Tzu wrote: "Goodness is like water, nourishes things without striving, lives places the others disdain. Place us in correct position. Be wise, be benevolence, speak truth. Govern with virtue, work ability, act timeliness. Where there is no contention, there is no resentment."

Goodness and humbleness as water is the state it’s the center spirit our company we would like to achieve. Steel is easy bringing cold hardness images. Our doors are to transform this preconception as an aesthetic element in spatial design.

Just like solid robustness steel doors cloaked anew in the rustic warm textures and natural characteristic of wood, in the dramatic grandeur and elegance of copper, in the sensory textures and dimensionality of sculpture, or in the totemic lexicon of meaningful fables.

GUOBAO / SHUANG MAO door is the bridge we find each other in a destined encounter. Thanks for your kindy supports. Our doors are opening for you anytime.